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Meet the Bill Saunders Calls Elite Staff

Bill Saunders Calls elite-staff consist of some of the nation's top callers, hunters and guides. These guys know how to finish 'em. If you are in need of assistance with calling, tuning, or just have a question about hunting, feel free to contact any of the Bill Saunders pro-staff.

Think you have the right stuff to be on the elite-staff? Email bill at for more information on joining this elite group of waterfowlers.
Elite Staff Members
Brad Cochran
Oregon, USA

I live in Corvallis, Oregon located in the heart of northwest Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. Together with Dave Smith I run a full time guide service in the most highly regulated goose zone in the world. The Northwest Special Permit Zone is home to 7 different subspecies of Canada geese. 2 of these subspecies are protected and all 7 bare overlapping similarities. Hunters are therefore required to pass an identification test before taking to the field. One of the greatest challenges in guiding such an intensely regulated hunt is the ability to call geese in close enough for clients to properly identify. Adding to the challenge is the fact that our geese produce a wide range of sounds from the high pitched squeak of the tiny Cackling Canada goose to the low growls of the large Western Canada. After many years of studying and hunting such a great diversity of geese I have become a stickler for producing realistic sounds that geese respond to. I am a field caller and not a contest caller. I let the geese be my judge because for the hunter they are the only judges that count. If it doesn’t sound real it’s not going on my lanyard.

Brian Richter
Oklahoma, USA

My name is Brian Richter and I live in Central Oklahoma. Waterfowling has been my passion for over ten years now, in high school I was taken duck hunting for the first time and the obsession began. I quickly became immersed in all types of bird hunting, but my real passion is working large groups of wary cacklers over decoys in cut corn fields throughout Oklahoma. When I'm not calling geese with my Saunders calls, you can find me in a duck blind or pheasant field. I love hunting all the great bird seasons Oklahoma has to offer. We enjoy large numbers of Rio Grande Turkeys and with the strides the CRP Program has made in the last years we are starting to build a very huntable Pheasant population. I aslo enjoy bass fishing and golfing in the summer. I would like to thank my family and my loving wife Grace for allowing me the time and opportunities to pursue my outdoor obsessions. Either in the goose fields or in the turkey woods keep your Saunders calls close and stay safe.

Dave Smith
Oregon, USA

I live in North Plains, OR which is in the middle of the Willamette Valley/ Dusky Quota Zone. Started Goose hunting in 1979 but have only taken it very seriously since the arrival of nearly 300,000 birds wintering in this valley (from around 1994 to present) compared to around 20,000 in 1979. I have worked as an industrial sculptor since 1986 for companies such as NIKE, FILA, and Reasearch Mannikins, making clay sculptures of footwear and taxidermy mannikins. In 1998 I started sculpting a full-body Canada Goose decoy for my own personal use and this has led to a full-time decoy and fish-replica making business since 1999. I also work as a waterfowl guide for Pacific Wings, in Richland, WA.

Derek McDaniels
Ontario, Canada

My name is Derek McDaniels I was raised in Central Nebraska. I grew up hunting the rain water basins and Platte river. I now reside in Texas where I am a full time waterfowl guide and spend well over 100 days guiding clients. During the offseason I enjoy chasing turkey's, contest calling, spending time with my wife who puts up with my obsession, and my two boys. I hope to one day pass on the knowledge and tools that have made me successful to them. Bill Saunders calls plays a major part in my success in the field as well as on the stage.

Dusty Brown
Oregon, USA

My name is Dusty Brown. I'm from Pendleton, Oregon.  Over that last 15 years I have guided water fowl hunters from Alberta Canada to Texas. I started out leasing my own duck pond as a Jr. high student with money I made working in a pizza restaurant. I hunted my high school and collage years, basically self taught until I started competition calling. With help from Bill Saunders Calls and Final Approach inventor Ron Latschaw I started traveling to contests across the Northwest. I was fortunate enough to win my very first time on stage.With a few other wins along the way in two man contest I was hooked. In 2001 I won the first ever Oregon State Goose. I was humbled in 2002 & 2003 at the Worlds Goose in Easton MD. Meeting 50 of the top callers in the nation was a great learning experience. Finishing mid pack I'm eager to return some day.

I have guided in the Texas Panhandle since 1999. Just recently I was offered a chance to work with  Longneck Outfitters. As of 2009 I have worked with the Premier waterfowl outfitter in Texas. I have realized in the past three years If you love your job, it no longer is a JOB..... Providing the opportunity to hunters from across the nation has become a passion. Chasing ducks , geese and cranes in the " Panhandle" is as good as water fowling gets. With numerous calls offered from Bill Saunders I am able to enjoy successful hunts season after season. So weather its Specks in the Northern Lights Of Saskatchewan ,Honkers in the Columbia Basin, Huge flocks of Hi line lessors in Texas or migrating green heads, Bill has the calls I choose to use in the field and on stage. After a break from contest calling I'm eager to get involved again and see if old dogs can learn new tricks.

John Plughoff
Washington, USA

My name is John Plughoff I’m 20 years old and reside in Moses Lake/Yakima Wa. I am currently attending Big Bend CC where I play baseball and hope to transfer to a university in Eastern Wa. I started hunting and calling geese at age 8 and got my first Bill Saunders Call when I was 14 and since then refuse to go to the field without them. Along side hunting geese, I am an avid bow hunter for all big game as well as Washington State gobblers with my bow as well. The last few years I have been striving to spend every possible day I can in a goose blind. Even on a bad day, the experience of calling and interacting with birds is where the fun is for me. Goose hunting has become my passion and I wouldn’t trade a day in the field for anything. I can accredit a great deal of my knowledge and skills to Bill Saunders and Guide Series Calls and honestly believe if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have the success I have had. I am very excited to share my passion and knowledge of the sport I love with others. My biggest goal for after/during the rest of my college years is to become a part time guide with an outfitter in Eastern Washington and one day aspire to have operate my own guide service. In the off season, I am eagerly trying to enter the calling scene and I spend a great deal of time chasing steal head with my buddies.

Lucas Clark
Illinois, USA

During the fall I am typically chasing greentops from central Illinois down to the Southern tip of the state. I am lucky enough to come from an area where I can chase waterfowl close to five months out of the year. From mallards to snow geese I rarely see a day off.

I have also dove head-first into the world of photography where I am slowly working on improving my amateur-at-best skills. I like the challenge of not only fooling waterfowl into my decoys, but also snapping some photos before I pull the trigger.

I have had a short run with the calling stage where I won the Illinois State Novice Goose in 2009 along with multiple top 5 finishes throughout the years in both duck and goose contests. I also have begun working on a live duck routine that will hopefully produce in more top 5 finishes for the future.

Whether it’s a stubborn tom turkey or a wise drake mallard, I am confident I can bring them well within range as long as I have a Bill Saunders call in hand.

Michael Callian
Washington, USA

During the season I work in Washington’s Tri-cities at the call shop and as a guide for Big Guns Outfitters. In WA, we have the opportunity to hunt a variety of waterfowl including several different subspecies of canada geese. In the spring I also guide for Big Gun’s, in South Dakota, chasing snow geese. I was born in California and grew up cutting my teeth in the central valley refuges and rice fields hunting ducks, specks and white geese. Since then I have lived in a few other states and have experienced and adapted to waterfowling in those areas.

During the off season I find myself on the West Coast’s contest circuit. I have won the 2009 Nevada state duck, the West coast live speck a few times and some other contests along the way. I look forward to more travel and experience in the future to new contests around the country.

I also work as an outdoor photographer , you can find some of my work in our ads and artwork. Photography brings and new and exciting dimension to the outdoors, giving a tangible memory of the experience. When I am not doing something waterfowl related you can probably find me on the water fly fishing for bass and trout.

Weather in the field or on stage, Bill Saunders Calls give me the advantage to success.

RJ Dick
Michigan, USA

My name is RJ Dick and I live in southwest Michigan. Waterfowling has always been a passion of mine, even before I could shoot at birds. Just watching it all unfold and getting a chance to be out in the field was an exciting opportunity for me. Once I picked up a call at age 11, I couldn't put it down. From there, I learned how to call birds on our local game management unit, which demanded exceptional calling to compete with those hunting around us. Sharpening my skills over the years and competing in my first contest when I was 12, I kept at it and started taking junior contests around the country by storm, including 2013 and 2014 junior world titles. 2015 was the year I switched to Saunders calls and finally won my world open goose calling championship and even placed 3rd in the world live competition. Needless to say, goose hunting and calling has been a huge part of my life, and I don't where I'd be without it and those who have supported and helped me along the way. 

Robert Strong
Washinton, USA

My name is Robert Strong; I am a Guide/Owner of Ruckus Outfitters fishing and Waterfowl hunting guide service-  I chase Salmon and Steelhead in Western Washington and guide duck and goose hunters in Central Washington near the town of Quincy.  I grew up in the waterfowl rich Klamath Basin of Southeast, Oregon.  I began my Waterfowl hunting at the age of 13 on the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake refuges shooting Mallards, Specks and Honkers in the wheat stubble fields of the Oregon/California border.  I moved to Western WA in 1994 and began hunting ducks and geese in the permit zones of Southwest Washington.  Now I spend the majority of my hunting seasons in Quincy, WA either scouting or guiding.

I also do a little contest calling during the offseason.  I’ve won the Washington State Duck Calling Championship 4 times with dozens of other wins and placements in contests all over the West Coast. The highlight of my competition career is when I took 2nd runner up at the 2005 World Duck Calling Championship is Stuttgart, Arkansas.

My non outdoor industry related interests are Golfing (Horrible Player), Baseball (Used to be good) and Texas Hold’em Poker( Stupid game that I Hate but can’t help but keep buying into tourney after tourney)

Travis Reeser
Oregon, USA

I live in Eastern Oregon with my wife and two daughters. I have been using Bill Saunders Calls for the last 13 years. I have not only found success on the stage with these calls, but, most importantly, in the field. I have the opportunity to hunt a variety of sub species of Canada Geese along with snow geese and ducks.  I have been blessed to be a part of Bills staff and use his gear which has increased my success dramatically. With birds getting smarter, pressure getting higher, and places to hunt getting smaller, it is nice to know that I have the calls necessary to get the job done, and a friend in Bill to help me learn and grow as a hunter.

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