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Bill Saunders Calls & Gear - Field Staff
Meet the Bill Saunders Calls Field Staff

Bill Saunders Calls field staffers are a group of dedicated waterfowlers that have taken waterfowling from a weekend hobby to a full time obsession. Across the country you will find the field staffers in the trenches putting ducks and geese in the RED ZONE. For more info on the field staff check out photos and bios for each below.

For more info on joining the field staff please emal Bill at
Field Staff Members

Aaron Garcia
Wyoming, USA

My name is Aaron Garcia. I am from a small town in Southeast Wyoming called Torrington. Not many people think of Wyoming as a waterfowl hunting destination. But I can testify that it is a very over looked place to hunt both big and small honkers as well as ducks. Together, with my beautiful wife, Jennifer, we own and operate a guide service in Torrington along the North Platte River.

Although, as a kid, all I did was hunt big game. Once I was introduced to waterfowl hunting, I have never looked back. I still enjoy hunting big game but my year is consumed with the upcoming waterfowl season year after year.

Throughout my journey in waterfowl hunting, I have been lucky enough to win the Wyoming State Goose Calling Contest, but even more than that, I have made lifelong friends from all over the map.

I have been apart of other organizations, but by far the performance and quality of Bill Saunders products surpasses the rest. I am honored to be apart of such talented and skilled men/women that make up a great team that is found only on Bill Saunders Staff.

Alan Kapp
Utah, USA

My Name is Allan Kapp and I was born and raised in Northern Utah. I am married to Brandy and we have a son named Joe. I am a division manager for a petroleum distribution company here in northern Utah. I started hunting anything i Could with my father at an early age of 6 years when the deer hunt was pretty much considered a state holiday. Dad started taking me on pheasant and duck hunts when I was 7 years old. Even then I knew that I just loved the outdoor adventure.My 12th birthday wish was to miss school for the day and go duck hunting With my .410 pump, Dad made my wish come true on that one I knew of Bill Saunders calls back as early as the year 2000 as I read and Studied articles on the success hunters and pro-staffers all over North America was experiencing. There was not a doubt in my mind about the quality in the calls he was able to produce. I met Bill personally at an outdoor show where he personally showed me his line of calls and there reliability. And to this day when I have had a question or A need for the newest of call designs and products I have always been able to go to Bill or any of his staffers for knowledge and support. To me the service has never wavered in 11 years. And that to me is theMost important factor in promoting and recommending Saunders Guide series calls. When your passion is talking them into giving up, youwill not be disappointed in the Bill Saunders line of calls and products. I have been active in DU as a grass roots volunteer as well as a Committee and Area chairman. I have been fortunate enough to have hunted in several states as well as 2 Canadian Providences. I have done some calling competitions and have been fortunate enough to place in both duck and goose events. I guided professionally for 4 years at the Bear River Duck club. I have also been fortunate enough to win the Torrington 2 shot contest. Proving to me that whether on the Stage or in the field Bill Saunders calls have the tonal quality that the birds just can’t seem to resist.

Andrew Gerdes
California, USA

My name is Andrew Gerdes and I am 14 years old. I was born and raised in Brentwood, a small town in California. I am lucky enough to live in the middle of the Pacific Flyway. My grandpa always told me hunting stories from his childhood  when I was younger, so about six years ago I decided to go and get my hunting license. At the age of eight I shot my first Goose, a snow, from that point on I was hooked. I exclusively Hunt the California Refuge system but mainly hunt the Suisun Marsh and Los Banos areas. I love to chase Pintails on the open water but also love to get into tule potholes and shoot mallards. When it is not hunting season you can find me trapshooting or competition calling. On top of waterfowl hunting I also hunt Upland Game and Deer.

Brad Brown
Idaho, USA

My name is Brad Brown and I am fortunate enough to live in Hayden Lake, Idaho with my wife and 3 children. In the Northern part of this state there is always something to chase. Big game, predators (especially wolves), some upland birds, turkeys, fish and of course waterfowl. I am able to spend 50-60 days in the field dedicated to hunting. I love the hunt. When there is nothing to hunt I am able to get my kids and others in the field to teach them about the outdoors that so many take for granted. I work in organizing outings with our local Fish and Game Department to take kids out and do bird banding projects and waterfowl calling demos. I spend time training my dog and getting ready for October. In my opinion it is always hunting season!!

 In my 30 + years of hunting I have been fairly successful in filling my freezer. I have never been as successful in  water fowling  as I have been since 2000, when I got a hold of my first Bill Saunders call. It has made such a difference in the way I hunt. The birds in my area aren't what you call plentiful. They get pounded day in and day out. I rely on my scouting, my gear and my calls to get it done. thanks Bill for some great calls!!

Brett Dorak
Wisconsin, USA

My name is Brett Dorak and I live in Sobieski, Wisconsin. I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Wildlife Management Degree. During the hunting season I try to be out in the field at every opportunity that I can. It doesn't matter whether it is hunting Canadas in the fields, calling ducks through the flooded timber or chasing snow geese in the spring. It’s an obsession that continues to grow. When I am not hunting I am competing in sporting clay tournaments throughout the United States and I have been fortunate enough to be on the U.S. Shooting team in 2004 for the World Championships in England.. I have also been able to compete in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games for a few years and was able to take home a Silver Medal. When I am in the field hunting I count on Bill Saunders Calls time in and time out to put the birds right where I want them.

Brett Deffendorf
Oregon, USA

My name is Brett Neffendorf. I am 20 years old and live in Corvallis, OR. I attend Oregon State University where I am majoring in Education in hopes of becoming a high school English teacher as well as a baseball coach. I was introduced to Waterfowl hunting by my dad at the young age of 10 and ever since then my interest in the sport has become much more than a passion, it's become a year round obsession. I work at Fishermans Marine and Outdoor in the hunting department which keeps me in the sport even out of season. When I became hooked on the sport of waterfowling I took up the challenge to finish birds closer day in and day out. By learning how to communicate with birds through calling I have become more and more successful each year. I've been fascinated by calling since I was introduced to the sport which has lead me to my newest passion of competing on stage in duck calling competitions.

You can find me in the field over 60 days a year chasing ducks and geese in the fall and winter, along with turkeys in the spring. I also enjoy big game hunting which was introduced to me at the age of 12 by my grandpa. If you can't find me in the field with a gun I'm coaching baseball, football, or chasing bass throughout Oregon.

Brian Schrechenbach
Texas, USA

My name is Brian Schreckenbach and I live in Lubbock, which is located in the Texas panhandle. I grew up chasing ducks and snow geese on the Katy prairie on the Texas Coast. When I was in high school I spent time catching redfish and hunting ducks on Corpus Christi bay. I started guiding 8 years ago in West Texas and have been a part owner of Blackfoot Guide Sevice for the last 7. I am one of only a handfull of Americans that own and operate an outfitting business in Alberta, Canada chasing waterfowl. In the winter I also run hunts in Lubbock, Texas for Canada Geese. In the spring and summer I help clients chase Prairie dogs. I spend about 100+ days a year guiding for waterfowl and 50+ days a year for PD's. I am lucky enough to have hunted 3 different countries and also to have hunted with some real pros like Bill and Dave. I just started competition calling in the "local" events we have here in Texas. I have had the chance to use all kinds of goose and duck calls while waterfowl hunting and Bill Saunders calls are the only ones that stay on my lanyard.

Chad Vines
Michigan, USA

Im Chad Vines, and I am from Rockwood, Michigan. I started hunting at the age of 12 but I have went with my father many times before this watching and learning, and waiting for the day I could participate.

I was exposed to hunting early in my life, but in the beginning waterfowl hunting wasn't a part of my falls. No one in my family waterfowl hunted, however it was always something that interested me. So when I turned 17 and was able to legally hunt on my own. I bought a dozen decoys and a couple calls and set out to kill my limit. Growing up in southeast, Michigan along the lake Erie shore, waterfowl opportunity abounded. However being self taught I struggled my first few years. Eventually I was able to up grade my gear and my water fowling skills to become quit proficient at harvesting birds.

A major factor to success that I quickly came to realize was the ability to sound realistic on a call. That's when I started looking around and found Saunders Calls They were hands down some of the best calls I ever used! Easy to use, easy to tune, and most importantly they sounded great.

I still avidly archery hunt for deer, bear, and turkeys, but water fowling has become a major part of my free time when the weather starts to get cold, and I am very pleased to be able to represent a top notch company like Saunders Calls.

Chattan McPherson
Washington, USA

My name is Chattan McPherson. I'm 21 years old and I live in Burlington, WA. Right now I'm studying wildlife management at Skagit Valley College, focusing mainly on waterfowl. Waterfowl has became a way of life for me from hunting season to calling and dog competitions and even school, I always have my main focus "waterfowl". My favorite aspect would have to be hunting and calling, the one hunting partner that you can find with me all of the days I'm in the field is my yellow lab Honker, during season Honker and I get out in the field 4-7 days a week. Here in Skagit Valley we have all of the Canada sub-species, snows, brants, and ducks, Bill Saunders Calls give Honk and I the advantage when hunting to bring those high pressured birds in. When season over you can usually find Honker and I competing as a elite dockdog team. Over just one year in competition Honker and I have earned over 20 regional & national awards for dockdogs, you can even see us on the Outdoor Channel on "Dockdogs Unleashed" in September of 2008.

Honker's Personal Bests
Big Air: 23 feet 1 inch
Extreme Vertical: 6 feet
Speed Retrieve: 6.74 Sec.

Since Honker and I started doing well in those competitions, I had always wanted to take up competition calling and thought it would be great way to work on my calling. After my first competition and getting a fourth place in the two man goose, I couldn't stop. Having the ability to blow a goose call with such control became a main focus. Since then I have become a much more avid competition caller with my G.P. and have been able to take 3rd in WA State Goose Championship.

Cody Grounds
Colorado, USA

Hello, my name is Cody Grounds, I grew up on the front range of Colorado. My passion for waterfowl hunting started at a young age. I was 12 years old the first time I went hunting and I've been hooked ever since. My passion for hunting has grown over the years, it has taken me on many adventures all over the US, and to Canada. Throughout my waterfowl experiences I have found that I have a passion for waterfowl photography. I always look forward to the next adventure that presents itself, and to the new places I will have the pleasure of experiencing.

Cody McCarthy
Washington, USA

My name is Cody McCarthy I am originally from north Idaho, but I am currently playing football for Eastern Washington University. Even though football and school take up time, I still manage to get out every week in the woods or water. Whether it mallards locking up over the decoys or a big long beard strutting in the field in front of me you will find me out there chasing them. I was raised in a family of waterfowl hunters.  I cut my teeth (literally) on my father’s calls when I was a baby.  As a 3rd Generation Waterfowl Hunter I grew up around both sets of grandparents, uncles and my father prepping equipment and leaving the home many hours before daylight to ready a blind for that mornings action.  Even my mother has a love for hunting waterfowl.  My earliest baby pictures were of me with decoys, dogs or that day’s limit of waterfowl. My whole family is avid hunters and fishermen. I am also a avid big game hunter, whether it’s bugling and closing the distance on a big bull with my bow, or setting up my ballistics to shoot a deer at long ranges. I have been around the outdoors my entire life. I believe that learning and developing to call the game brings me closer to my prey and builds a richer and more memorable experience as well as bringing home more limits for the table. I live my life by three words faith, family, and the outdoors. 

Craig Qualman
Montana, USA

Craig has been hunting waterfowl as his primary target for over 20 years. He has guided for Eagle Lakes and Pacific Wings Waterfowl Adventures, both located in Eastern Washington. Fishing has been another passion for Craig, taking him to Alaska where he guided on the ocean as well as the many lakes, rivers and streams on Prince of Wales Island. He now resides in Montana with his wife Melanie, daughter Grace and good old "Chessy" Yeager. Craig still hunts as often as possible.

Dave Boschetti
Vermont, USA

Dave Boschetti is a die-hard waterfowl hunter. Dave works closely with Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl to promote wetlands conservation and has been a sponsor for the past seven years. Dave began serious waterfowl hunting when he moved from Massachusetts to Vermont.  Dave serves as Field Expert for Drake Waterfowl, Dakota Decoy, and Pro-Staff for Tradition Outdoors writing several publications annually. In addition, he works closely with Bill Saunders Calls, a brand he describes as “one of the most realistic, hardcore calls in all of the waterfowl call market”. Since first using Bill's "Red Zone", Dave has been hooked on Saunders Calls.

Waterfowl hunting for Dave is a year round activity and has become a life style! In addition, He can be found at the many Sportsman and Outdoor Shows providing information and education to new waterfowl hunters and veterans alike.

Dave has over 35 years’ experience and has hunted waterfowl from the Midwest to the East Coast. He is also the founder of Blackfoot Migrators.

Between waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting, and fly fishing he spends about 200 days a year outdoors.

Dave Davis
Maryland, USA

I’m Dave Davis. I’ve been an avid waterfowl hunter in the state of Maryland for 13 years. I was hooked on waterfowling by Joe Citrano at the age of 14. I focus most of my hunting energy on Canada Geese. Here in Maryland, we get a short resident season that is followed by a two part migratory season. Every year the pressure that is put on Canada’s in Maryland increases. It is important for goose hunters to learn new things with every hunt to help them be more successful in the field.

When I’m not hunting geese, I focus my time on hunting White-Tailed Deer, Ducks, Snow Geese, and Brant. The off season is also the most important time to focus on practicing calling geese. I’ve learned a great deal from cds and dvds from Shawn Stahl, Scott Threinen, and Dave Smith.

Since we have the opportunity to hunt resident geese as well as migratory birds here in Maryland, it is important to be able to make a wide range of sounds and tones when calling. Saunders Calls has a great selection of goose calls to fit any calling situation.

David Neff
Washington, USA

I grew up on the family wheat and cattle ranch in southeastern Washington State. The family ranch, which is bordered by the lower Snake River, provides great waterfowl hunting. I started hunting at 14 years of age, going out with family and friends. When nobody could be found to go hunting I took Grandpa's old paper mache decoys, cardboard silhouettes, and two dozen plastic half shells. I spent my days perfecting my skills and learning about waterfowl and their habits.

I now run the day to day operations on the family ranch, where I live with my wife and three children. After guiding five years for a local waterfowl outfitter, I started my own waterfowl guide business (Fishhook Ranch Outfitters LLC). I have enjoyed including my family in this venture. My children love to come along with me to scout and hunt. I believe that my family and families like mine are imperative to the future of this sport.

I spend 100+ days in the field, hunting, scouting, and working on habitat development

Volunteering time to organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Camp Patriod (an organization for disabled veterans) and Washington State Hunter Education Program." I am also on the men's ministries leadership team for my local church, where I help organize our annual wild game dinner

This is my way of giving back to a sport that I enjoy so much

Jack Lower
South Dakota, USA

My name is Jack Lower, and I am currently 24 years old. I've resided in Sioux Falls, SD my entire life and started going waterfowl hunting with my dad, grandpa, and uncle when I was 5, and have been hooked ever since. My hunting passion lies mainly with Waterfowl, and I particularly enjoy decoying Canada geese and Mallards into the grain fields and prairie potholes of Eastern South Dakota. I started to become interested in and blowing short reed goose calls in 2001, and have since owned many of the short reed calls on the market, but none have fit my style of calling as well as Bill Saunders Calls. I also participate in Competitive Duck and Goose calling extending my passion into the off season.

When I am not hunting, scouting, or calling, you can find me watching sprint car racing at one of the local dirt tracks, or hanging out with my friends, and family. I also have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD, and am very interested in the biological side of Waterfowl and Waterfowl Management.

Jacob Masters
Minnesota, USA

My name is Jacob Masters, I’m 16 and I will be a sophomore this year in school. I live in the small town of Lake Crystal, Minnesota which is located in the south central part of that state. During the fall you can find me chasing waterfowl mostly on Swan Lake with my uncle and my brother Evan, or trying to trick the local geese into our field spread during the week. I have a huge passion for water fowling and the outdoors in general. Ever since that first shot at that blue wing during my first hunt on Minnesota’s youth day I have been hooked. When I’m not pursuing ducks or geese you can find me fishing, turkey hunting, practicing contest routines or chasing girls. I started contest calling in the summer of 2008 and have been trying my hand at as many as I can. I am also a member of the Avery Youth Field Staff.

Jesse Hurley
Washington, USA

My name is Jesse Hurley I have live in the small western Washingtontown o f Buckley my whole life, where I started hunting at the age of 9. I am lucky enough to call the pacific northwest my home, in a state where I can enjoy hunting all sorts of animals such as deer, elk, bear, turkey, ducks and geese. I started my hunting career going after black bear and blacktail deer, and at the age of 11 I went on my first duck hunt and have been hooked ever since. In my mind there is nothing that gives me the goose bumps more then a flock of mallards or honkers working your decoys. I started learning how to blow a goose call with the Bill Saunders Reload and I have been hooked ever since. I don't think there is a more reliable line of calls and gear out there. Someday in the future I would like to be working for a guide service in eastern Washington chasing ducks and geese.

Joe Gonzales
Oregon, USA

My name is Joe Gonzalez, I live is Banks, Oregon. I'm active  archery Hunter and waterfowl Hunters. I've been chasing these elk all over the Oregon coast and I got to say toughest hunting but still love it. I became a waterfowl Hunter about 10 years ago hunting with my brother-in-law once I fired that first shot and seen that duck drop I knew I was hooked, I've hunted all over the Willamette Valley from getting permission on private land to hunting public land. Working for a little cold and Steven made me more of an active Hunter. During the offseason I like to practice with my kids with their calling and my calling. Prep for the following season and hang out with family.

John Dembowski
Indiana, USA

My name is John Dembowski and I am from Dyer, IN. which is located just south of Chicago, IL in Northwest Indiana, "The Region".  This area is known for its local and migrant flocks of Canada Geese.  I grew up hunting my whole life and developed a passion for waterfowl very early.  Any day of the season you can find me chasing birds, whether it be hunting or scouting, I have an obsession with making the best of my hunting opportunities.  I have been blessed with great family and friends that support the lifestyle of a waterfowler.  Whether it be local canadas, sea ducks in maine, snow geese in missouri, or ducks in the dakotas, I have traveled all over this great country and have had the great opportunity to meet and hunt with with some incredible people.  If you can't find me in the blind more than likely I am salmon fishing on the great Lake Michigan, training my dog "Radar", or walking around the woods.  The variable tones of the G.P. and Traffic make it hard for any goose to resist.  From the fast and furious to the slow and steady, Bill Saunder's calls have made many of my days afield a success."

Joshua Lane
Texas, USA

My name is Joshua Lane, I was born and raised in Fort worth Texas. I now live in Lubbock Texas, I have been hunting ducks and geese for 13 years. I have been Guiding Hunts 6 of those 13 years. I  am now working for Longneck Outfitters here in Lubbock Texas where our new motto is Run Big.... Run Wide. I have been active in the South Plains Ducks Unlimited as a volunteer for 3 years. In my spare time I love to train Labrador retrievers. Duck and Goose hunting to me is about good friends, good calling and great dog work.

Justin Kevan
Washington, USA

My name is Justin Kevan. I live in Kennewick,Washington. I attend Kennewick High school as well as Tri-tech skills center. Where I am a Junior. When I'm not waterfowl hunting I'm deer and elk hunting, as well as trying to find myself a coyote to shoot. On the off season I enjoy playing football and bass fishing.

The outdoors have been a big part of my life since I was very young. At the end of the 2010 hunting season I was accidentally shot by my good buddy while in a duck blind. Since my nearly full recovery waterfowl hunting has a new meaning and is alI I enjoy doing since I am lucky to still be capable of stepping out in the field with my gun and calls and harvesting birds.

In the last 3 years I have became a lot more serious about my waterfowl hunting and my buddies and I take time to find good ground too hunt as well as practicing calling to insure each hunt is a fun and successful one. I use Bill Saunders calls and have influenced all my friends an family to use them as well. The reason is, they work!!!! The calls bring the birds where you want them in the "Red Zone".

Kyle Lopez
Washington, USA

My name is Kyle Lopez and I live in Kennewick, WA. I was introduced to waterfowl hunting in high school. None of my family hunted so I relied on friends to teach me everything at the time. For my 18th birthday my dad took me out to buy my first shotgun and I was hooked ever since. I appreciate the scout as much or even more than the hunt. The work that goes into it has really given me new perspective on hunting waterfowl.
Out of Waterfowl season, I archery hunt in September and play golf during the summer. I also just got my first true bird dog and I am hoping to break into hunt trials during the offseason. Training a dog has presented a whole new set of fun challenges.

My very first goose call was a Bill Saunders Reload. I now use a Red Zone and EZ7 for my main calls. I truly believe Bill's calls are the best on the market and I will always support what I believe in.

Kyrie Smith
Idaho, USA

I’m Kyrie Smith. I’m 22 years old & I was born and raised in Burley, Idaho. I’ve been actively involved in various areas of waterfowl hunting my entire life. Growing up I spent a lot of time following my dad out into the hunting fields, or joining him on weekly scouting trips. Once I was able to get my license and get out, I set my mind on exactly that! For me, hunting has always been all about the camaraderie, the memories, and of course the experience itself. I’ve always been the only girl of the group so I learned to handle my own and tough it out with the guys! Throughout the years, I’ve followed and supported my family to calling contests across the country, and I’ve spent countless hours helping raise and train gun dogs at our family business. This has given me great opportunities not only in traveling to the shows or expo's, but also in meeting new people who share these same passions. I also worked at Sportsman’s Warehouse & was able to expand my knowledge in the waterfowl industry as well as familiarize myself with successful products, and gear. To this day I’m an avid supporter of the things I believe in to work in and out of the field and Bill Saunders Calls have proven themselves to be successful time and time again.

Matt Tuttle
Washington, USA

My name is Matt Tuttle Hunting has been a family tradition for generations and I followed in my father’s footsteps. From the moment I shot my first duck, with a single shot 20 gauge that took me weeks to save for, I was hooked. The Pacific Flyway has provided me with a lifetime of memories, from shooting mallards over a flooded corn field to pass shooting divers on the Columbia River. When I’m not hunting waterfowl, I am training retrievers and preparing for AKC hunt tests. I own and operate Copperwood Kennels, we specialize in bringing great retrievers to the Pacific Northwest.

Mike Jensen
Utah, USA

My name is Mike Jensen. Born and raised in Ogden, Utah. Mike was struck with the waterfowl bug an early age. Mike’s first hunts began when he was 12 years old with his father and uncle. Only armed with his hip waders, he kept up pace through the deep canals of Bear River Bird Refuge. Soaked and frozen, his spirits stayed high. He shot a green winged teal that afternoon - the fire was burning deep within. Mike’s dad taught him early on about the importance of ethics and fair chase.

The fire continued to burn into his teenage years. There were many days that Mike would skip out on school to head to the nearest marsh with his decoys. His parents were concerned about his grades - if he didn’t start bringing home better scores on his school work, his passion would quickly be put to an end. Mike graduated from Ben Lomond High School in 2000.

After high school Mike was determined to give back to the youth of his hometown. Mike began working at a local Boy Scout camp in the summer - teaching the youth shooting sports. Ten years later, Mike continues to volunteer in Scouting. In 2010, with generous
support of the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and NRA, Mike helped construct one of
the largest Boy Scout shooting sports facilities in the Western United States. Mike’s passion of hunting will definitely be passed to future generations.

During the seasons you can find Mike hunting and training dogs in the wetlands covering Northern Utah. In 2010 Mike helped found Northern Utah Waterfowler, a club and guide service devoted to bring together duck hunters in the Ogden area. Later, in 2012, he helped found Swift Creek Outdoors. He currently resides not far from his boyhood home in Ogden with his very understanding wife Elna, his two daughters Skylee and Kennedy, and son Colten. Mike believes that the dedication and devotion to the sport of water fowling one puts forth will create memories for a lifetime.

Nick Bilava
Nebraska, USA

My name is Nick Bilava and I currently reside in Omaha, NE. I grew up and still spend a great deal of my time nearby the Platte River in eastern NE. I am an avid hunter pursuing anything NE has to offer from water fowling, bow hunting whitetails and chasing spring gobblers. During the fall migration, our area stages thousands of migrating ducks and geese due to the number of refuges we have available. The birds become wise quick to the safe zones so adjusting our hunting tactics to be consistently successful is very important. One thing I always can count on is my Bill Saunders Calls to perform day in and day out regardless of the conditions. Bill has a line-up of calls that will fill any need and situation for a hardcore water fowler.

Rhett Hall
Texas, USA

My names Rhett Hall, I'm 19 years old and reside in Ft. Worth Texas. My Passion for Waterfowl Hunting struck at the young age of 5 when my uncle offered to take me on a duck hunt on a local lake. From the first time I heard whistling wings at sunrise I knew that I wanted to hear that sound as often As I could. I started blowing a call at age 6 and haven't missed a beat since. I Blew in my first competition at 13 and continue to competition call today. I now currently am a Guide at Stanfield Hunting Outfitters in Knox City, Tx. During the season I'm hunting or scouting everyday chasing little Canadas, specks, mallards, wigeon and pintail all over west Texas and Oklahoma. During the off season I spend my time chasing Rio Grande Turkeys in the spring and catching bass all summer along with calling in competitions all year as well. My Saunders calls of choice would be the Traffic, Barcode, Atomic G, Coupe and EZ7 and with out those my job would be difficult. I fool more birds with Saunders Calls than the average bird that's why you'll find them on my lanyard.

Spencer Proulx
Connecticut, USA

My name is Spencer Proulx. I am 19 years old and I am from Farmington, Connecticut. I am a college student and waterfowl guide in upstate New York.
I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 10, and my addiction to the sport has been growing ever since. So much so that I have found myself to be hunting almost exclusively waterfowl. I owe many thanks to the waterfowlers around me, especially my Dad for fostering my love for the sport and passing his knowledge on to me.
I have hunted in many different conditions and scenarios and I can honestly say I have enjoyed it all. I regularly hunt many regions of CT and NY, and have hunted MD. Bill Saunders Calls have become a vital part of my gear and I have found all of Bill’s calls to be of the highest quality, and the deadliest! I love the range, power and responsiveness of the Atomic G for breaking down those high flying migrators, and the ultra-realistic, pure duck sound of the Steve Shultz Triple for convincing those wary mallards to commit. Shooting them in tight is what it’s all about!
During the off season you can find me fishing, target shooting, or spending quality time with friends and family.

Steve Torres
Idaho, USA

My name is Steve Torres, I live in Sandpoint Idaho, located 60 miles from the Canadian border. I'm originally from the high desert of California where I grew up hunting chukar and quail in the foothills. My passion for waterfowl hunting began later in my life after I moved to Idaho, where I fell in love with hunting Canada geese, mallards and all waterfowl alike. I also harvest a deer in the fall, chase gobblers in the spring and fish for just about everything through out summer. Living in a state that is close to 70% public land, competition for birds can be tough, thus I really rely on my calling and decoy strategy. Something I take very serious, practicing almost everyday. Two calls that never leave my side, my Traffic and probably the most versatile call on the market, my Darkside. Using Bill Saunders calls gives me a clear advantage against all the competition on the river, lakes, ponds, fields and soon the stage. I work for Real Duck, a gun dog supply and decoy company. Being in the waterfowl industry, it gives me the flexibility too hunt as much as possible. Everyday we get to spend in the blind with friends and family is a blessing and being able to field staff for Bill Saunders calls is true honor.

Tailor Sponcey
Nevada, USA

My name is Tailor Sponcey. I grew up in Fallon NV, but currentely live in Reno were I am attending college at University of Nevada Reno. I have been hunting and calling waterfowl for about 12 years now; ever sense I was able to hold up my side-by-side 4-10. I was introduced to this sport by my uncle and cousins. If it wasnt for them I would not be were I am today when it comes to hunting. I would have to say that goose hunting is my favorite but Im not as good at it as I am hunting ducks, so I seem to do that more. I try to hunt as much as I can every year. It usually ends up to be a little over sixty days a season. That doesnt include big game, or other birds. So basiclly my whole life is based upon hunting and I would'nt have it any other way.

Trent Vanzant
Oregon, USA

My name is Trent Vanzant and the Pacific Northwest is home. I live in Forest Grove, Oregon, in the beginnings of the esteemed Willamette Valley. I learned my love of the outdoors from both my father and my grandfather. I spent much of my youth shooting ducks and geese with my father and a close group of childhood buddies. Over time, it has become clear that waterfowl hunting is my passion. There is nothing like the anticipation that builds up inside me when a big mob of Cacklers tornado into my decoy spread or I hear the sound of a family of honkers heading to the roost at night. I’ve spent my life in the outdoors, and what I have learned in the field far surpasses what I have learned in school. Besides hunting, I also spend a lot of time fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon in the coastal rivers of Oregon and Southwest Washington. Ever since the year 2000, when I first purchased a Short Reed Original Guide Series Goose Call, I have learned the true way to finish geese. Thanks to Bill and his calls, I’ve experienced great success in the field over the years. I know there will never be a day that I leave home without my Traffic Goose Call. When I am not Hunting, Fishing, or spending time with family or friends, I am currently taking courses in Criminal Justice at Western Oregon University.


Dean Rodriquez
Colorado, USA

Waterfowl hunting has been since I was 4 when a way of life since  my father would take me down to the South Platte river to shoot mallards. Over the years my passion for it has grown larger and larger hunting a variety of different places. I am currently a guide for Last Pass Outfitters out here in Colorado; home of giant wads of lessers. When I'm not hunting or season is over, I'm either fishing, bowfishing, or enjoying time with family and friends. 

Garrett Wheeler

Hi my name is Garrett Wheeler I'm 14 years old. I started hunting with my dad at the age of 3. Ever since the very first hunt i can remember i have had and obsession about waterfowl hunting. I got my hunting licence at the age of 9. I have hunted everyday possible since then. I started comp calling when i was 9. My obsession for waterfowl makes me want to be a guide and make other hunter successful as possible,and for them to enjoy the sport of waterfowl . The sport of waterfowl hunting is more than just killing is about watching the birds work and the love for the sport.

Wyatt Flesher
Idaho, USA

My name is Wyatt Flesher and I am currently 15 years old and live in Eagle Idaho. I grew up around lots of waterfowl hunting as my dad owned a decoy company. The first time I ever went duck hunting I was a little over two years old. I remember watching thousands of mallards working over the spinners in the cornfield like it was yesterday. And from that day I knew that I had a special connection with waterfowl. I've been blowing a call ever since I can remember. I like to hunt big water when we get lots of weather and corn fields when the temperature drops. Throughout the years I have met lots of great people who have thought me more and more about how to hunt waterfowl. The only calls I own are Bill Saunders Calls because they simply work. If it's not the regular waterfowl season you can find me in the turkey woods chasing thunder or at 10,000 ft chasing screaming bulls with my bow.

Zach Vilven
Illinois, USA

My name is Zach Vilven, From Central, IL.  I took on waterfowling at a young age, starting locally around my town called Mahomet, IL.  It didn't take long before I was hooked!  Where I grew up, hunting the big honkers was the thing to do.  Today hunting the big honkers is my favorite thing to do.  I love chasing them all over the state of IL, and some parts of the midwest.  I am a guide here in the state of IL, and guide at a hunt club in Braidwood, IL.  To me, nothing beats sitting in a pit with snow on the ground, working geese into the spread.  Waterfowling has became a serious passion of mine over the past decade.  I enjoy taking people on hunts for their first time, and I enjoy meeting new people every year as a hunter.  I consider waterfowling to be a way of life for me, and it is never off my mind.  I am constantly thinking about the next field I am going to hunt, or what can I do differently to have a better hunt.  I have also contest called in my early years, calling at the Burlington, IA competition, and in the Hazlewood, MO competition.  In the off season, I also love to bass fish.  I am in a local bass club, and enjoy tournament fishing every year.  I also enjoy deer hunting, when I am not chasing ducks and geese!  I am excited to be a part of the staff, and take great pride in a product that helps me day in and day out of the field!

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