• Back by popular demand, this set of parts is a modified set of Flyway X guts with about 1 season of break in. They are hands down one of the easiest blowing sets of broke in guts we have ran. Don't let the break in duration fool you this set is super goosey and has great high to low range. Contest and field proven. Broke in to the sweet spot. Guts include REED, TONE TROUGH and WEDGE
  • The NEW Game Used Guts #3 are a broke in set of our famous red gut system. Broke in over 15 seasons in the field and on the stage by staffer Mike Callian. These parts are 100% pure Canada goose. How realistic are they? Mike spent 3 years living with a pair of wild Canada geese (yes in his home) and found this set of guts paired with almost any call would get the best response from his feather roommates. Don't take our word for it, just ask the geese. Guts include REED, TONE TROUGH and WEDGE
  • Replacement tube goose call latex and Rubber band, 3 pack of replacement latex, includes thick, medium and thin. 1 heavy duty rubber band. These reeds and band work on our Super Natural and all tube style goose calls. *Colors may vary
  • Pack includes 1 set of duck call guts and 2 reeds.
  • Pack includes 2 reeds and 4 corks.

    Goose Call reeds are available in both Shaved and Unshaved. Please select call model, reed type and quantity to ensure the correct reeds are shipped.
  • The parts in our call tuning kit will work in Bill Saunders Calls as well as most other call brands of calls. Our call tuning kit includes the following parts; 4 sets of red goose guts, 4 sets of gray goose guts, 20 goose call reeds (3 styles, 5 reed shapes), 4 duck call corks, 6 duck call reeds & 4 O rings.

    Pack includes 1 set of guts and 2 reeds. These parts fit all Bill Saunders Calls and many other manufaturers too.
  • Our Game Used Guts #2 are a very deep broke-in set of clucker style guts with over 10 years of heavy use, the set is a clone of staffer Dusty Browns personal contest and hunting parts. Not for everyone, but in the hands of the right caller they are extremly goosey with a incredible range of tone. Guts include REED, TONE TROUGH and WEDGE.
  • These guts are the exact replica of the clucker style guts from Bill's personal hunting call. With over 5 seasons of hardcore use these guts are in Bill's opinion at the perfect point for a hunting call. Hand molded from a ultra durable material for many seasons of use in the field or the stage. Looking for that advantage in the field or on stage? Then see what all the excitement is about… give the Bill Saunders “Game Used” Guts a try! Guts include REED, TONE TROUGH and WEDGE.
  • Our NEW Guide Grip technology is the latest innovative product from Bill Saunders Calls and Gear. Guide Grip is a rubberized heat shrink material that is textured to add grip, protection and just plain looks cool. Guide Grip can be cut to fit any brand of goose call insert, simply use heat gun or hair dryer to shrink to the exact contours of your call. Get a grip and let it rip! Available in Black & Black with Red.  4" section is enough to cover 2 to 3 goose call inserts. * Guide Grip will not harm call and is removable.
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