• Our 2 sider glass over slate is a unique call offering hunters two completely different sounds/birds in one call just by flipping it over. Quickly mix it up on that old long beard. The 2 sider comes turned in a purpleheart pot, hickory and purpleheart strikers and conditioning materials.
  • Bill Saunders personal favorite in the field, this call has great range and produces ultra realistic yelps, cuts, purrs and cackles. Hand made one at a time with 2.5 reeds. This call is a must have for the serious turkey hunter. "my goto call for closing the deal on big toms" - Bill
  • The hand made batwing mouth call is a great all around call that produces raspy cuts and yelps. The 3 reeds and bat wing cut make this call easy to operate for any level of caller. Get the upper hand this season with a proven big tom killer.
  • The ghost cut mouth call produces realistic soft yelps, purrs and kee kees with ease, very user friendly and a great call for any level of caller. Hand stretch and cut guarantees unmatched quality. The ghost cut is a producer in the field.
  • The McCombo mouth call was designed with help from staffer and professional turkey guide Derek McDaniels we developed a ultra realistic combo cut mouth call that will do it all. Hand made one at a time
  • Looking for a call that will get the attention of distant gobblers? The long box has a higher pitch and piercing volume that is perfect when hunting big country, windy conditions or even pressured birds. Hand crafted from cherry and cedar this call is a must have tool for the hardcore turkey hunter.
  • Half Moon Box Call Handcrafted from cherry and aromatic cedar this box call is a great all around call for any level of caller and hunter. The Half Moon Box produces ultra realistic sounds guaranteed to bring in the wariest toms.
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