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We are excited to launch the latest Canada goose call to the line up of Bill Saunders Calls, the Big Spin. After taking input from many of the nations top guides and callers on our staff, we developed a call that will fill the needs of callers of any skill level and style of calling. Originally designed for creating a wall of sound for calling big wads of lessers, we quickly realized the Big Spin had incredible range of tone, pitch and volume that would make it a killer big honker call as well.

With a shorter mouth piece for increased speed, larger back bore exhaust for maximum volume, red gut with comp style reed combination produces a wide range of tone/pitch, flared lip roll for air tight seal and our new “Guide Grip” technology on the insert the Big Spin isn’t just another call in the line up, it is a unique addition to our legendary brand.

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Matte Gray, Matte Black, Clear Frost, Ivory, Black

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Standard, Game Used

5 reviews for BIG SPIN GOOSE CALL

  1. Jake Thompson

    Fantastic sound! It has a permanent spot on my lanyard.

  2. Orin Lonadier

    Easy to run and a great all around call. The range and speed you can get out of this call is nothing short of amazing.

  3. Chuck Lobdell

    This call is easy to run, has the full range from deep and low to sharp and crisp, easy and comfortable to run and blazing fast. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to use it in the field!

  4. Ryan Barnes

    Love this call! Grabbed one a few years back and it’s been able to do everything I want. From high end notes to big deep honker sounds. It’s a call you can really pick up the pace on as well, on those days when you really have to call at them to get them in the spread

  5. Darmanin

    This call is fire ?. Hunted a long time. Used a lot of different calls. Big spin By far the best sound and easy to use, will never come off my lanyard.

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