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Webster’s dictionary defines Clutch as to grasp, done in a crucial situation and a nest of eggs. How ever you define it the Clutch mallard duck call fits the definition, the ability to reach out and grasp distant birds, get them in during a crucial situation and the realism like it came right out of the nest. The Clutch is a easy blowing single reed call with a slightly longer mouth piece than our other calls making it more forgiving to operate. Super realistic tone with great range from loud hails to soft feed and quacks the Clutch is a absolute killer in the field.


“My personal favorite duck call in our line up, tons of range and super ducky, just a killer” – Bill Saunders

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Grey, Olive, Bourbon, Black, Cocobola Wood, Green/Orange

9 reviews for THE CLUTCH DUCK CALL

  1. Brian Richter

    The Clutch is easy to blow, very responsive, and has a great low end.

  2. Jake Thompson

    I like this call so much I bought two. The range on this call is great. Highly recommend.

  3. Mike Merlo

    The Clutch is just that. Clutch… Blows like a double reed in a single reed frame. Breaks over east like a double reed but has good pitch for outside mallards. Even though it’s a poly call this is my go to call for calling mallard ducks.

  4. Matthew

    For the price the Clutch is one of the best calls on the market! Every time I hunt with new buddies I always recommend this call!

  5. Blake Combs

    Awesome call! A must have! -No Fly Zone

  6. Brian Richter

    Easy to blow, forgiving, and all Duck! The clutch is an all around great Duck call!

  7. Cole

    Great call. Easy blowing and super ducky.

    Just as easy to get loud and fast to grab there attention as it is to get soft and ultra realistic to finish them into the hole.

  8. Ben

    Awesome duck call. Used it for the first time last season and it very quickly became my go-to!

  9. Alan

    Great call! This is the first call that I grab when ducks are around. it is easy to blow and almost impossible to stick. I recommend this call to all my hunting buddies. Perfect for every kind of hunter and skill level.

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