Due to its nature the Bill Saunders Fox duck call is named after one of the mallards deadliest predators. After a full season of research and development by Bill and the guides at Big Guns Waterfowl Outfitters, the Fox has proven its self to be a deadly tool suitable for any duck hunting situation. From Small quiet waters to wide open fields the Fox can get the job done. Designed to be ultra realistic, super responsive and have great range the Fox is hands down the most versatile duck call in our line up. The Fox is turned from the highest quality acrylic and stabilized woods, then hand tuned one at a time to match the voice of a hen mallard.

    Webster’s dictionary defines Clutch as to grasp, done in a crucial situation and a nest of eggs. How ever you define it the Clutch mallard duck call fits the definition, the ability to reach out and grasp distant birds, get them in during a crucial situation and the realism like it came right out of the nest. The Clutch is a easy blowing single reed call with a slightly longer mouth piece than our other calls making it more forgiving to operate. Super realistic tone with great range from loud hails to soft feed and quacks the Clutch is a absolute killer in the field.

    The EZ7 is the seventh duck call to join our line up of great duck calls and is hands down the most realistic call we have come out with. Built from a unique molded acrylic composite and hand tuned to match the voice of a hen mallard. The EZ7 is a super easy blowing single reed with great range and hold yet is as forgiving as any double reed call giving you the best of both worlds. Out west our limit is 7 mallards and no other call makes is as EZ to bag our 7 green heads. EZ does it.
  • From flooded corn fields to the big open lakes and rivers, this easy blowing duck call has a nasty old hen sound and all the volume that will bring in the most cautious late season greenheads. Whether you are a novice or experienced caller this duck call will be sure to increase your success in the field.


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