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With a incredible range of volume, tone and pitch the Traffic has proven its self deadly on big honkers as well as the smaller lesser Canada geese (it also makes a pretty nasty snow goose call). Designed for getting the attention of high flying migrators or birds not headed your way, the Traffic is a valueable tool on any lanyard. Unmatched in the field the Traffic has become a favorite or goto call for many of the nations top guides and hardcore goose hunters across the country. Ultra realistic sound and capability to make any note in a goose’s vocabulary make the Traffic Bills personal favorite.

“I will not hunt geese without my Traffic without a doubt my all time favorite hunting call.” – Bill

Voted 2022 Field and Stream most versatile Canada goose call.

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Black/Smoke, Orange Pearl/Black, Matte Gray, Cocobola/Smoke, Burnt Hedge/Black

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Standard, Game Used

10 reviews for TRAFFIC GOOSE CALL

  1. Brian R.

    The Traffic is the most versatile Canada goose call I’ve ever used. From lesser to honkers it can be tuned to target any subspecies of Canada goose. My personal favorite go to goose call.

  2. Jake Thompson

    The goat of goose calls. My absolute favorite goose call ever.

  3. John D.

    The traffic is a main stay on my lanyard. This call has the best combination of tone and speed for any goose hunting situation.

  4. Bill

    The G.O.A.T.

  5. Brian Hauptman

    The best goose call on the market to kill Canada Geese, Big or Small. This call will produce day in and day out with the volume to stop Traffic and put the birds in the kill hole. One of my favorite calls from Bill and always on my lanyard.

  6. John Westenbarger

    I first put this call on my lanyard 14 years ago, and it has never left. I have taken it to all four flyways and to the UK. The results were the same – its killed geese!!!

  7. Ryan Barnes

    Absolutely the best call on the market. I had moved around from call to call until I found the traffic. Goosey, great sound, and easy to operate! My “go to” in the field whenever I’m out hunting.

  8. Christian Kilbride

    This call never leaves my lanyard! Great volume, and tone, yet super easy to use!

  9. Alan

    You don’t need or want another goose call when you have the traffic. I have tried many other calls on the market and nothing compares. it never comes off the lanyard. 10/10 recommend to all goose hunters everywhere.

  10. Shelby (verified owner)

    Amazing sounding and incredibly easy to blow, its also gorgeous.

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